Tools are helpful items for players in Survival Mode, that used to mine some blocks more faster, than with Hands, to get some blocks, that can't be mined with Hands, or to perform completely new actions, such as transform block of Dirt to Farmland using Hoe, shear Sheeps etc.

Almost all tools are obtained by crafting only in Workbench. Only Sticks can be obtained by crafting in the Workbench and in the Inventory both.

Tools Crafting Recipe Description

4STICK 25Sticks ==> 2Wooden Planks 25Wooden Planks 

Used to craft many tools, weapons, torches, and used as a fuel in Furnace.


1WOODEN-SHOVEL 25 Wooden Shovel ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 1Wooden Planks 25 (1)Wooden Planks

1STONE-SHOVEL 25Stone Shovel ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 1Cobblestone 25 1 Cobblestone

1IRON-SHOVEL 25Iron Shovel ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 1IRON-INGOT 25 1 Iron Ingot

1GOLD-SHOVEL 25Gold Shovel ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 1GOLD-INGOT 25 1Gold Ingot

1DIAMOND-SHOVEL 25Diamond Shovel ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 1DIAMOND-INGOT 25 1Diamond Ingot

Used to gather Dirt, Sand, Gravel and Snow more faster than by Hands or by other tools.

1WOODEN-AXE 25 1Wooden Axe ==> 3Wooden Planks 25 (1)Wooden Planks + 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks

1STONE-AXE 25 1Stone Axe ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 3Cobblestone 25 1 Cobblestone

1IRON-AXE 25 1Iron Axe ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 3IRON-INGOT 25 1Iron Ingot

1GOLD-AXE 25 1Gold Axe ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 3GOLD-INGOT 25 1Gold Ingot

1DIAMOND-AXE 25 1 Diamond Axe ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 3DIAMOND-INGOT 25 1Diamond Ingot

Used to gather Wood, Wooden Planks, Chests and Pumpkins more faster than by hand or by other tools.

1WOODEN-PICKAXE 25 1Wooden Pickaxe ==> 2STICK 25 (1) Sticks + 3Wooden Planks 25 (1)Wooden Planks

1STONE-PICKAXE 25 1Stone Pickaxe ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 3Cobblestone 25 1Cobblestones

1IRON-PICKAXE 25 1 Iron Pickaxe ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 3IRON-INGOT 25 1Iron Ingots

1GOLD-PICKAXE 25 1Gold Pickaxe ==> 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 3GOLD-INGOT 25 1Gold Ingots

1DIAMOND-PICKAXE 25 1 Diamond Pickaxe ==> 2STICK 25 (1) Sticks + 3DIAMOND-INGOT 25 1Diamond Ingots

Used to mine and collect iron-related, stone-related blocks and ore.

2Wooden Planks 25 (1)Wooden Planks + 2STICK 25 (1)Sticks ==> 1WOODEN-HOE 25 1Wooden Hoe

2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 2Cobblestone 25 1Cobblestones ==> 1STONE-HOE 25 1Stone Hoe

2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 2IRON-INGOT 25 1Iron Ingots ==> 1 IRON-HOE 25 1Iron Hoe

2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 2GOLD-INGOT 25 1Gold Ingots ==>1 GOLD-HOE 25 1Gold Hoe

2STICK 25 (1)Sticks + 2DIAMOND-INGOT 25 1Diamond Ingot ==> 1DIAMOND-HOE 25 1Diamond Hoe

Used to till Dirt and Dirt with Grass to prepare a Farmland and produce Wheat.

2IRON-INGOT 25 1Iron Ingots ==> 1SHEARS 25Shears

Used to collect Wool from Sheep without killing them.
Empty Bucket

3IRON-INGOT 25 1Iron Ingots ==> 1 EMPTY-BUCKET 25Empty Bucket

Used to collect and transport Milk.

Tools efficiencyEdit

Axes are the fastest tools to mine such blocks as: Jack "O" Lantern, Pumpkin, Chest, Workbench, Wood, Wooden Door, Wooden Planks.

Only with Pickaxes can be collected such blocks as: Iron Door, Block of Iron, Block of Gold, Block of Diamond, Stone, Cobblestone, Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Diamond Ore, Furnace. ruby

Shovels are the fastest tools to gather such blocks as: Dirt, Dirt with Grass, Farmland, Gravel.

Hoes are type of not block-breaking tools, that are not better than Hands at breaking tools, but they do not take damage from doing so, Hoes only take damage by being used to make Farmland.

Only with Shears can be collected blocks of Wool.

All tools have equal efficiency on such blocks as: Bed, Ladder, Grass, Wheat.

None of the tools can no break blocks of Bedrock.

Note: Gold tools have the lowest durability and cannot harvest most ores, but they are the fastest tools.


WoC Tutorials Tools Overview How to Craft and Use

WoC Tutorials Tools Overview How to Craft and Use

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