World of Cubes Wiki

Name any things you want in world of cubes ( includes texture changes and nether and other stuff )

Portals to different dimensions Halloween texture pack make it modable and let you upload if world in survival

  • Multiplayer for survival mode
  • Difficulties ( This game is so hard! )
  • Faster mining speed in creative
  • Flat world type ( besides grass )
  • Match or lighter
  • TnT being Ignitable
  • New nether dimensions ( with zombie pigs and coal pumpkin heads which set the player on fire when they attack, and witches)
  • Minecarts and boats
  • Weather
  • Ghosts
  • Low to high pixel settings for better quality/smoother gaming
  • Object designer for creative mode (build your own block and choose what properties it has)
  • Friends option to private message friends in game
  • Kick, mute and ban features for multiplayer so the creator can make sure the world is.... Good.
  • Peaceful mode with no evil mobs like spiders but still in survival.
  • A boss to "end" the game and see hidden game credits.
  • Natural generated structures like villages
  • A range weapon like a bow
  • Leads so you can catch sheep,cows, horses, etc