World of Cubes Wiki
viuda negra
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Units 8 8hp.png
Attack Strength 1 1hp.png


SPIDER-EYE 25.png Spider Eye

SILK 25.pngSilk

Spiders are common mobs that can be neutral or hostile depending on the light level. They are hostile in light levels of 7 or less, and neutral in light levels of over 7. They do not burn up in sunlight like Zombies and Pumpkin Heads. Spiders have the unique ability to climb most blocks vertically.

Spiders have black color with red stripes on its upper body.

Screenshot 6.jpg

Spiders Behaviour

  • Spiders have the ability to climb on walls, run fast and can leap 3 - 4 blocks.
  • Spiders are a good source of Silk, which can be used to make Wool. If the player kills the spider, it will drop Spider Eyes and 0-2 pieces of Silk.
  • Spiders will not attack the player at day time, unless the player hits the spiders first,then they will attack the player regardless of the light level.
  • Spiders become hostile when the light level around them is 9 or less. Hostile spiders will continue to chase the player even if they are exposed to daytime or other well-lit locations. Conversely, a spider won't become hostile around a player when roaming in daylight, but if it wanders into a moderately shaded area (e.g. under a tree or rocky overhang) it will turn hostile and remain that way.
  • Spiders can attack in packs. If the player hits one spider near two other spiders, all three spiders will attack the player.