World of Cubes Wiki
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Units 4 8hp.png
Drops Wool_25.png Wool
Feed WHEAT_25.png Wheat

Sheep is a passive mob, that drop Wool, when sheared or killed. Killing a lamb gives nothing.

All sheeps have light tan skin, and have a white square on their face with black eyes. When sheared, the sheep's wool will be gone and will be seen in spots upon the sheep's back in a mottled pattern, and you can see its tanned skin. Also, when sheared, ears on the head are exposed and can be seen.

Wool is easiest to obtain from sheep, as it can be tedious to craft wool using four silks which is obtained by killing a spider. Wool can be obtained from sheep by using Shears on the sheep or killing the sheep. Shearing a sheep will produce 1-3 wool. If you attack a sheep until it is down to 1 health, then hit it with shears, it is possible to shear the sheep as it dies, and produce more wool than usual. Sheep will drop one wool when killed.

Sheep Behavior

  • Sheep appear randomly in World, often spawning in flocks of 2–8.
  • Sheep wander around aimlessly.
  • Sheep can eat grass, turning it into dirt.
  • Sheep can be led around by holding a wheat.

Feeding and Breeding

Sheep can be feed with wheat. Hearts around them will appear, when they feed.

Sheep can be bred by feeding any two adult sheep with wheat. After breeding, sheep will not accept any more food for about 5 minutes.



Farming sheep is very useful, as it gives Wool. You have to keep them in an enclosed or fenced area (2 blocks deep) without ladders so they don't wander off.

Note: Sheep can escape through ladders, but can't escape through doors.