World of Cubes Wikia RulesEdit

Please read and follow general wikia rules, when creating, or editing, pages on the World of Cubes Wikia.

1. Keep your posts appropriate:

1.1. Please follow general visual organisation in new pages such as "Description", "How to get and Use", "As a Crafting Recipe", "As a Crafting Ingredient", "Usage" etc, as on other already present pages. Use the Preview button before publishing.

1.2. Try to ensure that you have correct spelling of the subject and correct information on the subject. Please contact us if you need help or support via

1.3. Before creating a new page, have a quick look around, there might already be a page about the subject, that you want to write about. If there is, check it and add more knowledge if it is possible.

1.4. Add correct categories to the new pages.

1.5. Please add a Summary to all of your edits to make the wikia page more organized.

1.6. For help with Wikia Formating consult this MediaWiki Page.

2. No Spam/ Vandalism.

Do not post spam and don't make vandalism! Authors of posts with spam or authors of vandalism will be banned!

Thank you for your help!

World of Cubes Team