Pumpkin Head
Pumpkin-head anim
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Units 10 10hp10hp
Attack strength 3 3hp
Drops Pumpkin 25 Pumpkin
Rare Drops

IRON-INGOT 25 Iron Ingot

POTATO 25Potato

CARROT 25Carrot

Pumpkin Heads are common hostile mobs that spawn at night. Pumpkin Heads attack the player by throwing their heads (Pumpkin) against the player. In sunlight all Pumpkin Heads catch fire. That's why they search for dark areas and hide there after the sunrise.

Pumpkin Heads wear Iron Armor, they have orange with yellow color of hands and legs, their head resembles a Jack_"O"_Lantern block. Pumpkins can be dropped from the Pumpkin Heads after their death, and they are the main source to craft Jack-o-Lanterns. They can be heard making roaring, moaning and growling noises when nearby. Pumpkin Heads have 10 [1], the player can kill them faster using Sword.


stay high as possible if you don’t have a Sword like trees make tree houses then when you have enough needs make a house

Pumpkin Heads BehaviourEdit

  • Pumpkin Heads spawn in groups of 1-6 at night.
  • They drop 0-2 pieces of Pumpkin, when killed. With probability of 2.5% Pumpkin Heads can drop Iron Ingots, Carrots, Potatoes.
  • Pumpkin Heads will attempt to avoid obstacles, and will try to find the shortest path towards the player. They continue pursuing the player even when being attacked.
  • Pumpkin Heads can hit the player through Doors. They can even break Wooden Doors.
  • Pumpkin Heads may search for dark areas and hide there after the sunrise.


The Scariest Night at World of Cubes

The Scariest Night at World of Cubes

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