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{| border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing="1" class="wikitable" style="float: right; width: 250px;"
! colspan="2" scope="col" style="text-align: center;"|Pig
| colspan="2" style="text-align: center;"|[[File:Pig_anim.gif|Pig_anim.gif]]
| style="width: 60px;"|'''Game Modes'''
|Only Survival Mode
| style="width: 60px;"|'''Health Units'''
|5 [[File:10hp.png|10hp.png]]
| style="width: 60px;"|'''Drops'''
|[[File:RAW-PORKCHOP_25.png|RAW-PORKCHOP_25.png]][[Raw Porkchop]]
| style="width: 60px;"|'''Feed'''
|[[File:CARROT_25.png|CARROT_25.png]][[ Carrot|Carrot]]
[[Pig]] is a passive mob, that drop [[Raw Porkchop]] (from 1- 3), when alive. [[Pig]]s have pink skin, ears and nose, and black eyes. They have a short, stubbed tail and their snouts protrude from their face.
==Pigs Behavior==
*[[Pig]]s appear randomly in World, ussualy they roam in groups of 3-4, but much larger groups can sometimes be found if multiple groups come together.<br />
*When they encounter obstacles, pigs will often answer them by hopping up and down, apparently attempting to jump over them regardless of whether this is actually possible.
*Pigs avoid harmful falls and attempt to go around obstructions.
*Pigs can be led around by holding a [[carrot]].
==Feeding and Breeding==
[[Pig]]s can be feed with [[carrot]]s. Hearts around them will appear, when they feed. 
Pigs can be bred by feeding any two pigs with [[carrot]]s. Piglets mostly stay around their parents until they mature, although the parents cannot protect the piglet(s) from harm. It takes 20 minutes or more for piglets to mature.
After breeding, pigs will not accept any more food for about 5 minutes.
Farming pigs is very useful, as it provides a renewable source of porkchop.
You have to keep them in an enclosed or fenced area (2 blocks deep) without ladders so they don't wander off.
'''Note: '''pigs can escape through ladders, but can't escape through doors.A
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