Iron Door
1 0039 IRON-DOOR
Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Utility Block
Tool Used
WOODEN-PICKAXE 25 Wooden Pickaxe (3.75s)Edit
STONE-PICKAXE 25 Stone Pickaxe (1.90s)Edit
IRON-PICKAXE 25 Iron Pickaxe (1.25s)Edit
GOLD-PICKAXE 25 Gold Pickaxe (0.95s)Edit
DIAMOND-PICKAXE 25 Diamond Pickaxe (0.65s)Edit
Luminosity No
Transparency Yes
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable No
Drops Itself


Iron Door is a type of utility block, obtained by crafting from Iron Ingots. Iron Door can be broken with any type of Pickaxe only.

There are two type of doors in the game: wooden door, and iron door. Usually doors have two states: rotated clockwise and rotated counterclockwise. If two doors are placed adjacent to each other, they will orient with their handles inward, creating a double door. To open or close doors, the user have to tap or use the right mouse button on Iron Door.


NOTE: Zombies can hit the player through Iron Door! But Zombies can't break Iron Door in Survival Mode.


As a Crafting RecipeEdit

6 Iron Ingots ==> 1 Iron Door