Hunger Bar Eat 8Eat 10 is an aspect of gameplay, that governs the level of player's hunger in Survival Mode. The Hunger Bar is located down after Health Bar 10hp10hp on the upper left corner of the screen, which looks like 10 Porkchop, and are equal to 2 half-points of Food.

If the Hunger Bar is at 9 units Eat 10Eat 6 or above, the player's health will slowly regenerate at a rate of 1 health units every 4 seconds.

If the Hunger Bar is at 0 units Eat 0 , the player's health will deplete at a rate of 1 (1hp) health units every 20 seconds (this makes sleeping impossible). When the player's Health Bar became with empty 10 (0hp) health units, he will not die.

Poisoning effectEdit

Eating certain foods can induce food poisoning to the player. If the player got food poisoning, the Health Bar 10hpoison10hpoison would turn in a green color and drains food more rapidly. Green bubbles will also emit from the player, indicating that the player is food poisoned. To reduce poisoning effect, the player have to drink milk.

Food poisoning can inflict only such foods as Raw Chicken, Rotten Flesh, Poisonous Potato and Spider Eye. All other foods can't inflict food poisoning.

Food Chance of poisoning
RAW-CHICKEN 25 Raw Chicken 30%
POISONOUS-POTATO 25 Poisonous Potato 60%
ROTTEN-FLESH 25 Rotten Flesh 80%
SPIDER-EYE 25 Spider Eye 100%
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