Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Tools
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable No

Hoes are type of tools, that used to make Dirt and Dirt with Grass into a Farmland and produce Wheat. It is one and the most useful tool in farming.

To make Farmland, the player has to hold Hoe and click on Dirt or Dirt with Grass.

There are 5 types of Hoes: Wooden, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamon. But it is not matter which type of Hoe to use in farming, as all Hoes have same utility, and the process of tilling is effectively instantaneous, all Hoes deal the same damage as empty Hands, if used in combat. But as all other tools, the material used does, however, affect the durability of the Hoes

When the player breaks blocks with Hoe, it will not affect the durability of the Hoe, and it will take as long as breaking the block with empty Hands.

As a Crafting RecipeEdit

Hoescan be crafted only on Workbench!

Ingredients Result
2 Wooden Planks 25 (1) Wooden Planks + 2 STICK 25 (1) Sticks 1 WOODEN-HOE 25 1 Wooden Hoe
2 STICK 25 (1) Sticks + 2 Cobblestone 25 1 Cobblestones 1 STONE-HOE 25 1 Stone Hoe
2 STICK 25 (1) Sticks + 2 IRON-INGOT 25 1 Iron Ingots 1 IRON-HOE 25 1 Iron Hoe
2 STICK 25 (1) Sticks + 2 GOLD-INGOT 25 1 Gold Ingots 1 GOLD-HOE 25 1 Gold Hoe
2 STICK 25 (1) Sticks + 2 DIAMOND-INGOT 25 1 Diamond Ingot 1 DIAMOND-HOE 25 1 Diamond Hoe
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