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Health Bar 10hp.png10hp.png is an aspect of gameplay, that governs the level of player's health in Survival Mode. The Health Bar is located on the upper left corner of the screen, which looks like 10 Hearts, and are equal to 2 half-points of Health. Each heart represents two hit points, for a total of 20 hit points. Hit points are lost as a percentage of those hit points. As it appears on the Health Bar, the player lose 1 point (half heart) at a time.

The player can lost health points by: taking fall damage or mob's attacks.


The Health Bar continuously refilling over time and it can be restored with food.

When the player's Hunger Bar is at or above 0 units of hunger Eat_10.pngEat_8.pngEat_0.png, health regenerates slowly.

When the hunger is Eat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.pngEat_0.png, the player will lose health.


Death occurs when all of a player's hit points are depleted. A "You died!" red screen will appear, and the player has the option to respawn at the Spawn Point or return to the Main Menu.