World of Cubes Wiki


There are 2 types of crafting in the game: crafting and smelting.They both use different systems.


Crafting Uses a touchable crafting system. A good name for it Could be WATTIS. If it was turn into a system that would be a square grid it would 4x3 hinted by Swords.There are sections Of 4 things while you craft. One is stuff for households like workbenches and chests.The next is for sticks torches and tools besides buckets.The 3rd is armor and the last Is for High class stuff like Bales Food and Mineral blocks.The game provides you with descriptions while Making them or looking at them.


Smelting uses a Regular computer based crafting systems Unlike Crafting.There is no name for this.There is an ingredient and fuel slot.Stuff that can be made from smelting includes cooked meats and potatoes and ore ingots.Coal is probaly the best fuel to use.The game provides you descriptions by making them only.