Cow anim
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Units 5 10hp

RAW-BEEF 25 Raw Beef

LEATHER 25 Leather

Feed WHEAT 25 Wheat

Cow is a passive mob in Survival Mode, that drop Raw Beef and Leather. They are the primary source of Milk.

Cows are white with large black spots and big udders (that pendulous organ between their legs) and have horns. A cow's head is shaped almost like a triangular prism, with the narrower, "pointy" part being the nose and the wider area the base of the head, where the head meets the neck. A cow's nose isn't as pointy as a triangular prism, but more squarish, with a wide, flat mouth meant for biting and chewing plants. Their tails are built like a fly-swatter. Cows also have hooves, but they are divided into two on each foot; commonly called "cloven hooves" or "two-toed." They are different from horses' hooves which are not divided into two, but is only one "toe."

Cow and Calf BehaviorEdit


  • Cows spawn in herds that contain 4–10 individuals.
  • Cows provide more types of useful resources than all other passive mobs and can be used to provide the player with an unlimited supply of meat, milk, and leather.
  • All cows can be milked infinitely by the player. This is done by holding a bucket and right-clicking on the cow. The bucket will immediately be filled with milk, which can then be consumed as an antidote to poison.
  • If a cow is killed, it will drop 0–2 pieces of leather, 1–3 pieces of raw beef.
  • Cows can be led around by holding a wheat.
  • Cows can be feed and bred with wheat.


  • Calves move faster than cows.
  • It takes about 20 minutes for calves to fully mature.
  • Killing calves will give you nothing.

Feeding and BreedingEdit

To feed cow, grow a piece of wheat and then find cow. The cow will start following you as it seems the wheat. Lead it into some kind of cage or trap and tap on it with the wheat in your hand, this does not hurt the animal when you try to feed it. When you tap it, a bunch of little red hearts float up from the cow. Keep feeding it wheat until it follows you itself.

Cows can be bred by feeding any two adult cows with wheat. After breeding, cows will not accept any more food for about 5 minutes.



Farming cows is very useful in Survival Mode.

You have to keep them in an enclosed or fenced area (2 blocks deep) without ladders so they don't wander off. Remember that ungathered meat and leather will vanish after 5 minutes.

Note: cows can escape through ladders, but can't escape through doors.

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