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Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Health Units 4 8hp.png



RAW-CHICKEN_25.pngRaw Chicken

Feed SEEDS_25.png Seeds

Chicken is a passive mob, that drop Raw Chickens, Eggs (every 5-10 minutes, when alive) and Feathers. There are white, black, black-white, and yellow Chickens in the game, with yellow beaks, yellow feet and red wattles.

Chickens and Chicks Behavior


  • Chickens appear randomly in Worlds (Only 4 mobs can generate on 1 Chunk with probability of 20%).
  • They are immune to fall damage. When falling they will flap their wings quickly and fall slowly.
  • Chicken lays one egg every 5-10 minutes.
  • Chickens can be led around by holding a seed.
  • Chickens can be feed and bred with seeds.


  • Chicks move faster than chickens.
  • Chicks follow adult chickens until they grow into an adult. It takes about 20 minutes to fully mature.
  • Chicks do not lay eggs, and they do not drop anything if killed.

Feeding and Breeding

Chickens can be feed with Seeds. Hearts around them will appear, when they feed.

Chickens can be bred by feeding any two adult chickens with seeds. After breeding, chickens will not accept any more food for about 5 minutes.

The player can get new Chickens by breaking Eggs with probability of 12.5% and Chicks with probability of 3%.

Hatching chickens by throwing eggs, and breeding them, can be done simultaneously to multiply them much more quickly than other mobs.



Farming chickens is very useful, as it provides a renewable source of chicken eggs, chicken meat, feathers.

You have to keep them in an enclosed or fenced area so they don't wander off.

However, there are various glitches which can allow animals to escape through doors or walls, and chickens are particularly subject to these, so special measures can be required. The minimal Chicken farming technique would include a walled yard or large pit, at least 2 blocks deep with a ladder out. (A door or gate allows chickens to escape whenever you open it.)

Remember that ungathered eggs will vanish after 5 minutes—merging stacks does extend that, but even so, if you're trying to build a large population you'll want to gather them several times a day.