Chest 1
Game Modes Survival and Creative
Type of Block Utility
Tool Used
WOODEN-AXE 25 3 Wooden Axe (1.90s)Edit
STONE-AXE 25 2 Stone Axe (0.95s)Edit
IRON-AXE 25 3Iron Axe (0.65s)Edit
GOLD-AXE 25 2Gold Axe (0.35s)Edit
DIAMOND-AXE 25 3 Diamond Axe (0.5s)Edit
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable Yes
Flammable No

Itself (but only for 3 min)


Chest is type of block, that stores items. It can be obtained by crafting only in Workbench. Chest can be mined with hand or any tool, but mining it with an axe is fastest.

As a Crafting RecipesEdit

8 Wooden Planks ==> 1 Chest

Screenshot 3

Chest is opened by pressing the Use key (right-click by default) while looking at the chest, and closed by pressing Esc or clicking on Close button Jhjkklj .

Items in chests can be quickly transferred to and from a player's inventory by clicking on items; this will move all items in the slot to a free slot in the inventory and vice versa.

For more control, all the items in a slot can be picked up from the Inventory to the Chest with left-click or by clicking on the hotkey slots while holding items; then use left-click to place all items being moved from the Chest to the Inventory.


Chests are blocks that store items.

A single Chest can store up to 27 stacks of items or blocks and can hold from 0 to 1728 blocks.

Screenshot 6

Destruction of the chest will drop all of its contents where the chest was destroyed. All of the chest's contents will be saved for 3 minutes. If player not picked up the chest's contents during 3 minutes, all of the contents will be lost!

Screenshot 5

Blocks and even other chests can't be placed on the top of the chest.


WoC Tutorials How to Craft a Chest in Survival Mode

WoC Tutorials How to Craft a Chest in Survival Mode

How to Craft a Chest

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