World of Cubes Wiki
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Wearable Items
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable No


Boots are type of items and component of Armor, that covers the feet of the player.

There are four types of Boots in Survival Mode: Leather Boots, Iron Boots, Gold Boots, Diamond Boots.

Boots can be obtained by crafting only on Workbench.

As a Crafting Recipe

1 pair of Boots Boots_anim32x32.gif ==> 4 4items_anim.gif

The player has to place Boots in the 4th Armor slot of a player's inventory to activate it.


Defense points

Defense points located down after Hunger Bar in the game screen in Survival Mode. Defense point reduces any damage to the player, which is absorbed by Armor with different levels of defense points, depending from the material.

Check defense points, which is absorbed by different types of Boots below.

Type of Boots Defense Points Defense Ponts, %
Leather Boots Armor_1.png 25%
Iron Boots Armor_2.png 50%
Gold Boots Armor_1.png 25%
Diamond Boots Armor_2.pngArmor_1.png 75%


Any hit from Zombies, Pumpkin-Heads, Wolves, Spiders will remove one point of durability from each piece of Armor worn.

The Armor can't protect the player from such damage as falling, poisoning etc., but all of these damage will not reduce the durability of Armor.

Check the amount of damage (hit) that Boots can endure below.

Type of Boots Amount of damage (Hit)
Leather Boots 66
Iron Boots 196
Gold Boots 92
Diamond Boots 430