This category regroups various blocks found in World of Cubes.         

Survival Mode blocks

Natural Blocks Dirt 25Dirt      Dirt with Grass 25Dirt with Grass      Stone 25Stone      GRAVELGravel    Sand 25Sand      Wood 25Wood      Flower 25Flower     Grass 25Grass  Pumpkin 25Pumpkin
Solid Blocks Farm Land 25Farmland    Wooden Planks 25Wooden Planks      Ladder 25Ladder      Wool 25Wool      Cobblestone 25Cobblestone     Sandstone 25Sandstone Glass 25Glass
Ore Blocks Coal 25Coal Ore Iron Ore 25Iron Ore    Gold 25Gold Ore   Diamond Ore 25Diamond Ore
Raw Materials COAL 25Coal IRON-INGOT 25Iron Ingot   GOLD-INGOT 25Gold Ingot   DIAMOND-INGOT 25Diamond Ingot     SILK 25Silk
Mineral Blocks Block of Iron 25Block of Iron   Block of Gold 25Block of Gold   Block of Diamond 25Block of Diamond
Liquid Blocks Coming soon
Nether Blocks Coming soon
Utility Blocks Inventory Inventory   Workbench 25Workbench   Chest 25Chest    Furnace 25Furnace   WOODEN-DOOR 25Wooden Door   IRON-DOOR 25Iron Door Bale 25Bale    BED 25Bed   Cell doorCell Door     Trap doorWooden Trapdoor    Trap door ironIron Trapdoor     FenceFence
Lights  Torch 25Torch JACK D LANTERN 25 1Jack "O" Lantern
Items Weapons icon - CopyTools Armor icon - Copy Armor RAW-CHICKEN 25Food

Creative Mode blocks

Natural Blocks

Dirt 25Dirt      Dirt with Grass 25Dirt with Grass     Wood 25Wood     Jungle Leaves 25Jungle Leaves      Leaves 25Leaves      Cactus 25Cactus     Melon 25Melon     Pumpkin 25Pumpkin     FLOWERFlower      GRASS Grass      Stone 25Stone      Gravel 25Gravel     Clay 25Clay      Sand 25Sand 

Solid Blocks Farm Land 25Farmland     Dirt Road 25Dirt Road     Asphalt 25Asphalt     Wooden Planks 25Wooden Planks     WOODEN PLANKS PINEWooden Planks Pine    WOODEN PLANKS JUNGLEWooden Planks Jungle   Ladder 25Ladder     Wool 25Wool    Brown woolBrown Wool    Red woolRed Wool   Yellow woolYellow Wool     Bricks 25Bricks      Big Stone Bricks 25Big Stone Bricks    Dark Bricks 25Dark Bricks    Stone Brick 25Stone Bricks    Extuded brickExtruded Bricks    Big Bricks 25Big Bricks    Black Bricks 25Black Bricks    Extruded Bricks 25Extruded Bricks    Black Rock 25Black Rock     Obsidian 25Obsidian     Inlaid Marble 25Inlaid Marble   Tile 25Tile      Sandstone 25Sandstone    Paving Sandstone 25Paving Sandstone      Red Dalle 25Red Dalle    Relief Stone 25Relief Stone    Stone Tile 25Stone Tile    Tabling 25Tabling    Decorated Stone 25Decorated Stone           Inlaid Brick 25Inlaid Bricks     Light Gray Bricks 25Light Gray Bricks    Mossy Brick 25Mossy Bricks    Mossy Stone 25Mossy Stone Brick    Paving Stone 25Paving Stone    Mossy Stone Brick 25Mossy Stone Brick   Steel Plate 25Steel Plate     Stone Plate 25Stone Plate     Stonework 25Stonework    Glow Stone 25Glow Stone     Glass 25Glass       Stone slabStone Slab Sandstone slabSandstone Slab    Wooden planks slabWooden Planks Slab      Cobblestone slabCobblestone Slab      Bricks slabBricks Slab    Stone brick slabStone Bricks Slab    Nether brick slabNether Brick Slab      Double Slab 25Double Slab      Chiseled Sandstone 25Chiseled Sandstone   
Ore Blocks

Coal 25Coal Ore   Iron Ore 25Iron Ore   Gold 25Gold Ore    Diamond Ore 25Diamond Ore    Redstone Ore 25Redstone Ore  Lapis Ore 1-0Lapis Ore   

Mineral Blocks

BLOCK OF IRONBlock of Iron    BLOCK OF GOLDBlock of Gold   BLOCK OF DIAMONDBlock of Diamond  Onyx 25Onyx    Marble 25Marble    Bronze Plate 25Bronze Plate    Emerald 25Emerald    Lapis Block 25Lapis Block    Malachite Block 25Malachite Block       

Liquid Blocks Lava 25Lava    Water 25Water    Snow 25Snow    Snow Block 25Snow block     Ice 25Ice   
Nether Blocks Nether Brick 25Nether Brick    Nether Rack 25Nether Rack    Soule Sand 25Soul Sand
Utility Blocks TNT 25TNT     Dispenser 25Dispenser     Metal Comtainer 25Metal Container     Sponge 25Sponge    Chest 25Chest     Workbench 25Workbench    Furnace 25Furnace    Jukebox 25Jukebox      BED 150Bed   WOODEN-DOOR 150Wooden Door   IRON-DOOR 150Iron Door    Bale 25Bale   Bookshelf 25Bookshelf   Note Block 25Note Block     Cell doorCell Door     Trap doorWooden Trapdoor    Trap door ironIron Trapdoor     FenceFence
Lights Torch 25Torch    JACK D LANTERN 25 1Jack "O" Lantern         
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