Armor animation
Game Modes Only Survival Mode
Type of Items Wearable Items
Luminosity No
Transparency No
Renewable Yes
Stackable No


Armor is a type of wearable items, that provides protection for the player from damage and hit from aggressive mobs.

Full set of Armor consist of such pieces: Helmet (Cap), Chestplate (Tunic), Leggings (Pants), and Boots, which can each be placed in Armor slots of a player's Inventory for use.


As a Crafting RecipeEdit

Armor can be obtained by crafting only on Workbench.

To craft full set of Armor, the player has to collect 23 units of required material: leather, iron ingots, gold ingots or diamond ingots.

There are 4 types of Armor: Leather, Iron, Gold and Diamond. The player can combine different pieces of Armor to create full set of Armor, for example, wear Iron Helmet, Diamond Chestplate, Leather Pants and Gold Boots.

Note: Chestpates and Leggings provide more higher protection to the player, as it have more defense and durability points comparing with Helmets and Boots.

Diamond Armor has the highest protection and defense points.

Armor Set Crafting Recipe Defense Ponts
Helmet 1 HelmetHelmet anim32x32 == > 5

Items anim

Leather Cap givesArmor 1

Iron Helmet givesArmor 2

Gold Helmet givesArmor 2

Diamond Helmet givesArmor 2Armor 1

Chestplate 1 Chestplate Armor anim32x32 ==> 8 8items anim

Leather Tunic gives Armor 2Armor 1

Iron Chestplate givesArmor 2Armor 2Armor 2

Gold Chestplate givesArmor 2Armor 2Armor 1

Diamond Chestplate gives Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2

Leggings 1 Leggings Leggings anim32x32 ==> 6 6items anim

Leather Pants gives Armor 2

Iron Leggings gives Armor 2Armor 2Armor 1

Gold Leggings gives Armor 2Armor 1

Diamond Leggings gives Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2

Boots 1 Boots Boots anim32x32 ==> 4 4items anim

Leather Botts gives Armor 1

Iron Boots gives Armor 2

Gold Boots gives Armor 1

Diamond Boots givesArmor 2Armor 1

Mechanics Edit

Whenever a piece of Armor absorbs damage for the player, the Armor itself is damaged, reducing its durability. After taking enough damage, the Armor piece is destroyed.

The player's current protection level is represented visually by the Armor meter, which located down after Hunger Bar, which contains 10 Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2 shield icons, that each represent 8% damage reduction. With all 10 shown full, the player has a total of 80% damage reduction. The defense points is affected by the particular pieces currently worn, as well as the type of the Armor.

When the player takes damage of sorts that is not affected by Armor (such as starvation, falling, poisoning etc.), Armor they are wearing does not take damage. Only direct attacks from mobs and direct hit with an pumpkin are reduced by armor and, consequently, damage the armor itself.

Defense pointsEdit

Defense points located down after Hunger Bar in the game screen in Survival Mode. Defense point reduces any damage to the player, which is absorbed by Armor with different levels of defense points, depending from the material.

Check defense points, which is absorbed by different types of Armor below.

Type of Armor Defense Points Defense Ponts, %
Leather Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 1 29.20%
Iron Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 1 62.50%
Gold Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 1 45.80%
Diamond Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2Armor 2 83.30%

Thus, a full set of diamond armor gives 83.30% defense points, whereas a full set of leather armor gives 29.20% defense points.

Durability Edit

Any hit from Zombies, Pumpkin-Heads, Wolves, Spiders will remove one point of durability from each piece of Armor worn.

The Armor can't protect the player from such damage as falling, poisoning etc., but all of these damage will not reduce the durability of Armor.

Check the amount of damage (hit) that each piece of Armor can endure below.

Material/Piece of Armor Helmet Chestplate Leggings Boots
Leather 56 81 76 66
Iron 166 241 226 196
Gold 78 113 106 92
Diamond 364 529 496 430


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